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Our design approach

Timberplay offer a comprehensive service, a thorough consultation procedure, thought through design solution, created by experienced designers, and expert construction. Our designers work with the environment, budget and existing resources to make the best possible use of the designated area.

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Our consultation method has been developed to encourage and promote the principles of:

  • Discovery
  • Adventure
  • Development & Learning

All idea's, objectives and budgets are discussed and collaberated, and then the design process begins.


The design process will develop your idea's, addressing any saftey or government requirements to produce an individual playground design. A good quality design is required to ensure the user's experience and the degree to which the facility is utilised is maximised. Recommendations such as special play equipment, materials for structures and canopies will be outlined and these will be based on your brief and of course are subject to further discussion.


Once the design has been approved all the equipment is manufactured and constructed ready for installation. Only quality materials are used in each stage of the manufacturing process.

Project Management

Timberplay can look after every stage of your Childcare design or redesign. A dedicated project manager will be able to coordinate every stage of the design and build. This includes,

  • Arranging for subcontractors to be available when needed.
  • Dealing with suppliers and making sure materials are ordered and delivered on time.
  • Monitoring progress once work starts to make sure everything complies with the contract and consent documentation (including plans and specifications).
  • Arranging for inspections by your own professionals, for example, the designer or architect.
  • Processing variations and anything else that crops up along the way.
  • Arranging amendments to the building consent where necessary.


Before installation begins a sign off visit is arranged where any issues are discussed and resolved. All freight, required


Timberplay can manage all landscaping and design work, or work with other contractors, architects and landscaping designers to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Timberplay will outline a document plan including site features, drainage and material and plant selection, in accordance with specific Local, State and Federal government requirements.


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